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Insect Management

Insects can also cause serious problems with trees.  Some insects eat the leaves and cause serious defoliation (Japanese beetles and gypsy moth), they can bore into trees and girdle them (emerald ash borer, bronze birch borer, two-lined chestnut borer, Zimmerman pine moth), some stay attached to branches and suck their sap (magnolia scale, cottony maple scale, pine needle scale), and some can cause the leaves to become distorted and unsightly (honeylocust plant bug, ash plant bug).  Treatment for many insects is only effective if applied at specific stages in their lifecycle.  To get the best result of any treatments it is best to consult professionals who are capable of identifying the pest and the best timing for treatment.

Emerald Ash BorerCurrently, the emerald ash borer is a major concern.  This is a small beetle (approximately ½ inch long) that lays its eggs under the bark of ash trees.  When its larvae hatch it eats the water- and nutrient-conducting part of the tree and kills it.  This beetle is responsible for killing millions of ash trees (white, green, blue, black, as well as any other native ash to the United States) in the upper Midwest.  If you own an ash tree it is highly recommended that you consult with an Arborist to develop an appropriate management plan for your tree.

The arborists at Arborworks, LLC offer solutions to help prevent your trees from having an EAB infestation. We are qualified to diagnose and identify any of your plant health care needs as well as develop an integrated management plan for your landscape.

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